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Wild West theme parties

Wild West Theme Parties

Pull on a pair of jeans, dust down your Stetson and let's have a hoe-down. A tasty BBQ, dancing aplenty, great games and even the occasional shoot out; a Wild West theme party is always a winner. 

Here you will find all manner of great ideas for a Western event:

Theme Props and Decor
This superb selection of stunning sets and props will create a magnificent backdrop for the party. Wagons, horses, guns, saddlery, ropes, Totem poles, corral fencing, saloon bar swing doors, giant flags, fan flags ... It's all here and it's the best available.

Western Photographer
The photographer has rolled into town and he's here to capture you all on film. Get dressed up, grab a Colt 45 and step in front of the wooden box camera. No brawlin or swearin permitted or you won't get your picture.


Saloon Bar Gambling
Join the gamblers around the Poker table or try your luck at the Roulette wheel. If all goes well you could come away with a fistful of dollars. No wild west party is complete without a casino.

Wild West Show
An amazing display of western skills including Quick Draw, Rope Spinning and Blindfold Knifethrowing, at one of your guests, of course!!! Not to be missed. Doc Holliday is on hand just in case of injuries.

Can Can Dancers
Superb dancing from these colourful showgirls all the way from distant France. High kicking, fast moving routines including the flying splits. Then it's your turn to come up and have a go.

Wild west theme party games 

Quick Draw
How quick on the draw are you? This hoodlum is going to find out. Two players take him on and the faster you are the better. Draw you Colt 45 from its holster, cock, aim and fire. The electronic timer reveals the results.

Western Games Pack
Choose a selection of games, all presented around the corral fencing. Splat the Rat, Boot Slingin, Lasso a Cactus, Can Knockdown, Pot the Chicken, Bows and Arrows ...

Axe or Knife Throwing
An essential skill for any adventurer, backwoodsman or trapper. Rehearse and practice the skills of knife and axe throwing at some sturdy targets. Then enjoy some light-hearted competitions. NB Axe Throwing seems to work better outdoors.

Wild West theme party games and attractions 

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